What is conime.exe?


Be sure to run malware scans on your system.

Conime.exe is a part of Microsoft Windows Operating System. This process is used when an Asian language is used in Windows. The program does not have a visible window. It is essential for safe and secure operation of your computer. When you have enabled or installed Asian language in your computer, conime.exe runs in your system.

However, this process is considered to be CPU intensive and it may result in nearly 100% CPU utilization. Running too many applications at a single time may also affect the performance of your CPU.

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Is conime.exe dangerous to my hard drive or computer?

Conime.exe is not a harmful file or virus. However, it can be a malware or a spyware that camouflages itself to look like a typical Windows file causing damage to your computer by consuming the space on the hard drive.

Chances are that conime.exe may sometimes work as a backdoor application, which saves your personal information and sends it through internet to the hackers. This can pose a security risk to your system. It is advised to scan your computer for any suspicious malware or spywares. Always enable anti-virus on your system. In addition, you can also have Internet Security enabled on your system.

Should the conime.exe process be stopped?

You can stop conime.exe from running in your computer.

  • Type conime.exe in the search box of the start up menu.
  • Click the file and select delete. This should delete the file.
  • If the file is not deleted, then it implies that either the file is encrypted or is “in use“.

This is the easiest way to stop the process.

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What causes conime.exe errors?

As mentioned before, conime.exe can also be a keylogger. It tracks all your personal actions on the computer and sends it back to the hacker through the internet. It runs behind the operating system and is thus, difficult to detect. The operating system notifies the keylogger whenever an input is entered into the computer through the key board. The keylogger traces all these actions and send back snap shots to the hackers. The hackers can gain access to your computer ant can extract all your personal information stored in the computer. It is always safe to have an anti-virus enabled in your computer. Uninstalling conime.exe may leave invalid registries which might cause damage to your computer. If conime.exe is using more resources than it should, then scan your system for viruses and malware. The other causes of errors are missing or corrupted drivers, missing files of the program and sometimes problems related to system files. These problems might cause your system to slow down, and some of your applications might not work properly. Since this program is CPU intensive, it might consume maximum of the system resources, thus slowing down the performance of your system.

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What is the easiest way to stop conime.exe errors?

You can fix some of the errors manually. To fix the error, start the computer and log in as Administrator .Go to accessories and select tools. Under tools, select system restore. A new window gets opened and in the new window click restore my machine to a prior date. Choose the most recent restore point. Be careful in choosing the restore point as the system runs according to the restore point that is set. Restart the laptop.

Sometimes, the CPU usage might shoot up to 100 percent if the computer has a removable memory storage device. This problem may occur if the slot of the memory storage device is empty. A quick fix engineering update gives a solution to the issue. It is a cumulative package that is used to address the software bug. Generally, it is made to address a specific customer situation. The CPU usage may shoot up to 100 percent due to other reasons also. It varies from system to system based upon the performance factors, memory capacity and RAM storage. If the problem persists, contact your manufacturer for further assistance. They provide a quick fix solution. They provide a package that includes one or more files. Some of the systems may not find this package useful as the might have an advanced Operating Systems or the severity of the problem is high. It is advisable to wait for the latest update of the particular quick fix package. Most of the modern operating systems offer the facility to download and apply the fixes automatically instead of creating it.

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If there are any problems in the registry, then modify it. Care has to be taken while modifying the registry as serious problems might occur if the registry is not modified correctly. Apart from the registry modification, fixing the errors manually without prior system knowledge might lead to fatal errors. Sometimes, the system may also get crashed if any of the important entries are accidentally crashed. It is recommended to contact a computer repair professional who can modify the registry and also fix the errors or you may also contact the manufacturer or further assistance.

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